Excel Cube Formula Reporting with the Data Model

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Excel Cube Formula Reporting with the Data Model (2nd Edition)

If you build reports or dashboards using Excel that source data from a Data Model in Excel (with or without Power Pivot) or Power BI then this Multi-media Training Kit, now in its Second Edition, is for you.

Excel Cube Formula Reporting with the Data Model (2nd Edition) focuses on the cube functions that are easy to use and give you the biggest bang for the buck. No knowledge of DAX, MDX or VBA is required.
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This multi-media training kit, fully updated in 2017, will put you on the fast-track to learning cube formula reporting while leveraging your Excel skills.

The Training Kit includes a Learning Guide (PDF over 150) with links to:
  •     30 short, digestible, explanatory videos
  •     10 annotated workbook examples that you can re-use
  •     Sample Excel Data Models (now with versions for Excel 2010 and for Excel 2013 / 2016 ), and a local cube file
  •     a Power BI Desktop Data Model
Topics specific to this product include:
  •     Using Power Pivot KPIs and Excel's built-in graphic capabilities to create dynamic dashboards that convey at a glance the   values and status of your KPIs pulled from your data model
  •     Using Power Pivot in simple modeling and planning applications, even though it doesn't natively support write-back
  •     Mixing data at different levels of granularity
  •     Using the Power BI Analyze in Excel functionality to mash up data from the Excel and Power BI Data Models
  •     Setting up your reports so they remain dynamic when published to the Power Pivot Gallery in SharePoint
  •     Using DAX functions by copying or re-using applied examples in the sample workbooks/models. Roughly 80 DAX functions mimic Excel functions with which you are probably already familiar.
  •     Reshaping budget templates with Power Query / Get & Transform Data

For example, learn to create Actual-to-Budget comparisons in your reports and dashboards without resorting to scattered PivotTables and GETPIVOTDATA functions.

Sales & profit dashboard example

But wait, there's more. Excel Cube Formula Reporting with the Data Model (2nd Edition) explains all of the above in the context of Personal, Self-Service Business Intelligence. It shows you examples of DAX functions that you can apply to your own models without prior DAX knowledge.

And since Cube Formula Reports are ideal for reporting that requires specific placement like financial statements there is a Bonus Chapter and Excel Data Models for accounting/finance managers and professionals on Financial Reporting.

To work with all the Data Models in this Training Kit you should have the Power Pivot add-in installed. This is a free download for Excel 2010 but is included only in certain high-end versions of Excel 2013 and later. However, if you don't have the add-in you can still learn to build cube formula reports and dashboards from the supplied workbooks and Data Models in Excel 2013/2016. You can't edit or view the Data Models without Power Pivot.
Don't waste time building reports the hard way with copy/paste, rekeying, or GETPIVOTDATA. Order your copy of Excel Cube Formula Reporting with the Data Model (2nd Edition) today and learn how to leverage your Data Models models the easy way.

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A single license allows the purchaser to install the files on up to two computers, for his or her own use. Installation unzips an Adobe PDF file, Excel .xlsx files, a Power BI Desktop .pbix file, and video files (.mp4) files into a new folder on your hard drive.
Pricing and Money-Back Guarantee
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