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Cube Functions, one of Excel's best kept secrets ...

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List of CUBE functions

Business Modeling and Planning with Power Pivot

How you can add assumptions and modeling capabilities to you Power Pivot Data Model. Read more >

Excel and Power Pivot for accountants and finance managers

Consolidate financial statements
Articles and links to articles describing how accountants, finance managers and finance professionals might leverage Power Pivot as a robust platform to handle a variety of financial reporting and analysis needs. Read more >

Excel reports that combine data from Power Pivot and Power BI

Let's say that you have some budget data in an Excel Data Model. In Power BI (PBI) the corresponding actual historical data has been published by your finance department. You want to conduct some performance analysis between the two data sets. Read more >

Slicing and dicing text values in a PivotTable

Want to retrieve text (as opposed to numeric) values into a PivotTable to slice-dice-pivot the text? Read more >

Comparing Actual and Budget with a Scenario table

In certain circumstances you may find it useful to set up Actual and Budget data (perhaps multiple flavors of Budget) in your Data Model using a Scenario table. Doing so reduces the number of time calculation measures that you need to create (MTD, QTD, YTD etc). This video shows how you might do this.

Calculation based on blank CUBEVALUE  result returns #VALUE!

Error when CUBEVALUE function returns blank
If an Excel CUBEVALUE function returns a blank and is used in a subsequent calculation you may get a #VALUE! error. This video shows one way to address the problem.

Leverage the power of Excel's Cube Formula Reporting in your year-end reports and dashboards with an Excelcraft Training Kit

Excelcraft Training Kit
Sold in over 25 countries, Excelcraft's multi-media Training Kits, now released in Second Edition focus on building cube formula reports and dashboards with data sourced either from Excel / Power Pivot / Power BI Data Models or from Analysis Services Multidimensional Cubes/Tabular models.
Read more >
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